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Our Services

We offer aerial application services.

We combine new technology and decades of experience to offer reliable and well-designed services to help you achieve the best results your fields can offer. With experience in insecticide, fungicide, fertilizer, and organic applications, we are here to help you with your crop protection needs.

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Custom Application

We can custom apply various Fungicides, Insecticides and Foliars using the latest technologies in spray equipment and GPS guidance. Call today to discuss your custom application needs or to get a price quote.

Cover Crop Seeding

Cover crop seeding can reduce soil erosion, prevent some weed and disease pressures and increase the nutrient content of your soil. We are able to broadcast by air a wide variety of seed mixtures into an already existing crop or into a field after harvest. We do spring seeding applications as well. Call today to discuss your specific needs or to get a price quote.

Foliar Fertilizing

Our planes are also equipped with dry spreaders so we can quickly and effectively apply dry fertilizer when the need arises. Call today for a price quote.

Organic Application

While our main customer base is made up of conventional growers, we do have a small handful of organic growers that use aerial application. We use a triple rinse system to ensure our systems will meet organic specifications. If you think we can be of assistance to your organic farming operation, please give us a call today.

DJI T40 Spray Drone Wisconsin

Agricultural Drone Services

We have added a DJI T40 spray drone to our fleet as a compliment to our existing fixed wing custom application services. Call to find out more about the services the Drone can provide.

drone and plane spray fields Wisconsin

Ground Rig Services

We also have access to a Ground Rig with 120ft booms. If the job does require a ground rig we can ensure that service as well.